Lost Article of Rainbow.


Keeping warm anytime and anywhere

The ceramic fan heater has the high functionality in spite of the small size. It will warm your cold body gradually from your feet and it is great for your relaxing time at home and working time, and it is even useful at bath room. An active carbon filter absorbs dust around the heater well and help you to make more comfortable space.

Ceramic fan heater with human sensor


Healthy style with fermented food, for your beautiful & fashion.

Fermented foods such as cheese, yoghurt, natto and miso are excellent in beauty and health. It can make such fermented food easily at home. On a white plump body, the cute wood cover design makes feel the slow living of Northern Europe by just place it on kitchen. Why do not you try enjoying fungus healthy life?

Fermentation gourmet pot with recipe book


Yummy and funny pop out of the bucket.

It seems like a just retro bucket, but the sweet smell spreads faintly and popcorn pop out of inside. It is new bucket which can make yummy & funny, and keep them.

Popping Bucket with recipe book



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