Lost Article of Rainbow.


Mist of the tree quenching a heart

Re-arrived with new wood patterns and equipping antibacterial cation Ag+cartridge. Like going to the sky such as straight tree. Relaxed shape give the impression healing of magnificent nature and the warmth of the warm tree. Good aroma, in addition humidify with clean mist by antibacterial cation Ag+cartridge. The finest humidifier exists as interior.

Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier with clean mist Sablier -wood-


Easy humidifier which will be moisten.

This product that is with a handle is actually humidifier. It has a 3.5L tank, and a handle which is put on the tank will be useful when water supplying. This humidifier would give you the space with mist and aroma that you like.

Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier with clean mist


The form is from "unusual". A pleasant time is from Fondue Block.

Concept of Fondue Block is "Unusual" has straight surfaces, rounded corners and a hall. At first time looking, it makes people thinking like "What it is?".A hall is there as fork rest because of pleasant if there is when use fondue set.The Fondue Block is into reality with "Unusual" and "Pleasant if there is".

Fondue Block



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