Lost Article of Rainbow.


Mist of the tree quenching a heart

Re-arrived with new wood patterns and equipping antibacterial cation Ag+cartridge. Like going to the sky such as straight tree. Relaxed shape give the impression healing of magnificent nature and the warmth of the warm tree. Good aroma, in addition humidify with clean mist by antibacterial cation Ag+cartridge. The finest humidifier exists as interior.

Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier with clean mist Sablier -wood-


The form is from "unusual", and the flowing chocolate.

The Fondue Block Tower is into reality with "Unusual" and "Pleasant if there is". A hall is in there as a fork rest because of pleasant. If you would have a Fondue Block Tower and some ingredients that you like, it could make a great sweets time.

Fondue Block Tower


Fragrance aroma and the luxurious drive that leather produces

The calm design with a Metal accent in the leather can make your interior of the car better quality. The aroma of healing from the diffuser makes the usual drive time more luxurious.

Driving Aroma Diffuser Leather and Metal



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