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NEW PR-SK007    Fermentation gourmet pot with recipe book

Healthy style with fermented food, for your beautiful & fashion.

Fermented foods such as cheese, yoghurt, natto and miso are excellent in beauty and health. It can make such fermented food easily at home. On a white plump body, the cute wood cover design makes feel the slow living of Northern Europe by just place it on kitchen. Why do not you try enjoying fungus healthy life?


Fermented foods, low temperature cooking recipes as you wish

From the yogurt to the popular amazake, cottage cheese and roast beef, the range of dishes you can make varies. You can easily prepare good fermented food for your body.

Temperature setting and timer function

Temperature can be set in up to 20-65 ℃ by 1℃ increments and timers can be set in up to 1-48 hours by 1 hour increments, so you can make a variety of dishes.

Real wood and Northern Europe taste design

The white body and the real wood cup and spoon are mild designs reminiscent of Scandinavian life. A form that makes you forget that it is home appliances is familiar well with the interior and creates a warm impression.

7-piece set

With a long spoon, 2 special bottles, 2 clips that can hold the milk pack firmly. You can try a variety of dishes as soon as you purchase. Also, the wooden lid can be used as a fancy tableware.

Attached easy recipe

With special recipe books that you can cook easily, and a lot of delicious menus on the dedicated recipe site! You can enjoy fermented foods and low temperature cooking recipes easily even for beginners.


Model Number
Product Name
Fermentation gourmet pot with recipe book
Main body : ABS, wood / Spoon : Wood / Container : PP / Clip for milk pack : PS
Set Contents
Main body, Spoon, Container× 2, Clip for milk carton × 2, Manual(with Warranty), Recipe book
760 g
131 × 131 × 290 mm
Power supply
AC100V 50/60Hz
Consumed power[Approx.]
Power cable[Approx.]
Container capacity
400ml x 2
Off timer
Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.]
0.73 yen * Estimated per hour (New electric power charge standard)

Manual & Other