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PR-WA003    Ceramic fan heater with human sensor

Keeping warm anytime and anywhere

The ceramic fan heater has the high functionality in spite of the small size. It will warm your cold body gradually from your feet and it is great for your relaxing time at home and working time, and it is even useful at bath room. An active carbon filter absorbs dust around the heater well and help you to make more comfortable space.


Small exceptional item

It can warm you when you are relaxing at home and working in spite of the consumed power of 600w.

Safety and economy

It stops working automatically 2 minutes later during human sensor is on, and it stops automatically 2 hours later during continuous running. It's safety and economy.

Easy to use for small space

The small size is helpful for using at tight space like a lavatory and a bath room. It warms you from your feet gradually.

Safety for anytime

It's safety because it stops working automatically when it fall down.

Active carbon filter

Active carbon filter absorbs dust and prevents bad smell aronud the heater.


Model Number
Product Name
Ceramic fan heater with human sensor
Main body : PP / ABS+PC, Front guard : Iron, Filter : Polyurethane foam / Active carbon
Set Contents
Main body(Air filter tray, Air filter), Manual(with Warranty)
750 g
110 × 92 × 200 mm
Power supply
AC 100V 50/60Hz
Consumed power[Approx.]
Power cable[Approx.]
Range of human sensor[Approx.]
Left and right : 60 degrees, Up and down : 90 degrees
Distance of human sensor[Approx.]
Reaction time of human sensor[Approx.]
Safety device[Approx.]
Inversion off switch, Thermostat, Thermal fuse, Overheat protection device
Continuous use time[Approx.]
Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.]
16.2yen *per 1 hour(in JAPAN)

Manual & Other